Getting by normally with only 3 hours of sleep daily is now possible through Eorexin.
Eorexin is a drug serum used in germline gene enhancement to permanently modify the physiological nature of daily human sleep requirement. This enhancement gives the person more “living awake” time by shortening the amount of sleep you need daily without suffering the negative effects of sleep deprivation. 
The serum is a cocktail of viral vectors on which the gene of interest, EDEC3 is embedded on. EDEC3 is an enhanced version of a mutated gene DEC2. This rare DEC2 gene mutation was stumbled upon by scientists in 2018 by surveying a family of “short sleepers”. The mutation in their DEC2 gene is responsible for their short yet efficient daily sleeping habits. This mutated EDC2 gene was extracted, then altered through the CRISPR gene editing system to enhance its mutation potency, resulting in the more efficient gene EDEC3.​​​​​​​
Eorexin is marketed as an “enhancement” treatment to the corporate elite, hence the very luxurious nature and aesthetic of the packaging experience.​​​​​​
The Eorexin serum display box is a refurbished watch box. It is in reference as to how watches give you time, and how in corporate culture expensive watches serve as a status symbol. The intent was to provide the viewer with inconspicuous material and aesthetic cues from corporate culture to reinforce a more symbolic experience and poetic engagement.
This speculative piece of graphic and packaging design is a commentary on the commodification of sleep and rest, or the lack thereof; of how having less to no sleep and working more has become a cultural, societal and financial currency in this day and age. Moreover, it touches on the dynamics of capitalism, power, wealth and privilege in relation to sleep, rest and work, and how these two important and essential aspects of our human lives give us meaning. 


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